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U.S Attorney Threatens Lawsuit For Rikers Island Civil Rights Violations

The horrific conditions at Rikers Island have come under the scrutiny of New York’s top Federal prosecutor.  Despite a scathing report filed in August by his office,  Mr. Bharara has said that few changes have been made to improve the prison facility or its management.  Since Mayor de Blasio only recently took office, the past transgressions have been blamed on the Bloomberg  Administration.  Mr. Bharara’s office points out that the time for blame is over, and the Federal prosecutor expects swift changes.

I found this recent New York Times article to be highly informative, and consistent with our own offices’ experiences in handling these civil rights and assault cases against New York City and Rikers Island Correction Facility.  I would encourage anyone who has experienced this type of abuse, or has a loved one who has suffered, to contact an experienced attorney.

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